Reader’s Comment – The A to Z Practical Building Construction
The book " The A to Z … " published by the Mantri Institute, is an excellent encyclopaedia of all the practical information and application related to the work from foundation to possession of the building activities, which is the need of today’s engineer, contractor and builder.
- Mr. UMESH P. RAO, Chairman Award Committee A.C.C.E. (India), Bangalore.
What you have produced after lot of hard work and research is highly commendable product. The professional and academic circle connected to building industry was badly in need of a reference manual of the kind you have produced.
In our college of Architecture, we have prescribed your book as a Text-Book. Not only students but our Staff has also purchased your book.
- Mr. PILLAI HARIMOHAN, Principal, Pillai's College of Architecture, Panvale.
Mr. Sandeep Mantri deserve special compliments from the field of construction. This book will fulfil the expectations of all concerned & will provide to the fraternity of construction, the necessary upto date information and guidance.
- Mr. Y. S. SANE, Y. S. Sane Associates Pvt. Ltd. Structural Consultants, Pune.
I had an opportunity to go through your book under the name and style “The A to Z......” . I am much impressed with your pursuit to educate the fresh engineer and para staff in the matter of building construction. The subjects dealt within the book are quite exhaustive and contain sufficient materials for beginners in the trade. It gives micro practical knowledge to those who have the professional inclination to learn and to become perfect in the field.
- Mr. M. K. RAJBANSHI, Ex-Deputy Director Defence Estates.
Head Quarter S.C. and C. C. Lucknow.
Accept my congratulation, or releasing the practical book on building construction.
The system and controls given in this book are very much appropriate and can be easily implemented on the sites during construction. The book you have produced is, I am sure, the ultimate result of your continuous hard work on R & D.
Mr. R. N. RAIKAR. Structural Consultant.
Former Chairman, Maharashtra India Chapter of A.C.I Mumbai.
Congratulation for bringing out such a useful edition. You have neither compromised in compiling the practical information nor in presenting the same with beautiful printing, binding etc. The photographs, charts, figuring etc., adds to the quality of book.
We hope a lot more from your institution and the best for it.
- Mr. HARISH K. WADHWANI. B.E. Civil MBA. Indore.
Indeed it is vary hearting to see, some one in the particular field, devoting some of his time for excellence in the field, so that what knowledge they have gained can spread to others. This is something legal that mantri's have published the book "A to Z...."
My compliment to Mantri you for publishing informative book which will benefit builder and pave way for adapting new technology in this field.
- Mr. SURESH KALMADI. Former Railway minister, Central Government, India.
I must congratulate Mr. Sandeep Mantri on the courage he has shown to share his knowledge & Practical experience with his colleagues and new youngsters in the field. It is very rare thing to see in the profession, that he has not kept his formulas & system of success a secret to him only but shown the readiness to share his knowledge & experience to guide others, who also wish to success in the field.
- Mr. RATNAKAR KULKARNI. Former Commissioner. Pune Municipal Corporation.

I am sure your book "The A to Z ..." will create a niche of its own in the world of books. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on having been the first to have released such a book.

- Mr. L. R. BHOJAWANI. Chairman, Managing Director.
Bhojawani Group of Companies, Pune.
I have gone through the book "The A to Z...." published by the Mantri Institute. It is very informative, especially for Architects & Engineer as it has a good lot of information of building construction & its managements.
- Mr. B. H. RATHI. Partner Rathi Associates. Architect & Interior Designers, Bangalore.
After going through the various chapters of this book. I am pleased express that during my past two decades engaged in construction work, I have not come across any book on building construction touching to all minute details in respect of building projects, right from its planning stage to completion. The language of the book is simple and thus understandable to a person who has little knowledge of building construction. The cartoons spread all over the books are appreciable being related to the subject matters.
- Mr. Girish Kale. M/s Kale & Sons. Civil Engineers & Contractor, Pune.
Excellent book for reference. According to me one any only one book suit to Indian site conditions. This book will be a memorable gift to offer to professional friend.

- LILADHAR PARA. Arch-Aid Architects. Vashi, New Mumbai.

I was fortunate to scan through the book "The A to Z..." compiled & published by you.
You have produced an excellent work which will be useful to technocrat as well as the layman.
- Mr. R. L. NENE. Chairman. A.C.C.E. (Mumbai).
In my view, as a practical civil engineer, this book should be introduced in the college for the students of the final year. Every civil engineer should posses this book, which will enhance his practical knowledge and also reveals the practical difficulties; he may have to face in his future carrier as a civil engineer.
- Mr. PRAKASH SOMASEKHARAIAN. B.E. (Civil). Bangalore.
We are very much thankful to you produce the book "The A to Z...."you have given absolute important data and other information.
We can't express our happiness in words and therefore just say thanks to produce the above book.
- Mr. R. M. LALAI. D.C.E. Civil Engineers & Constructors.
The Author of the book had aimed and succeeded to write a book in such a fashion that even if an Engineer, follows the suggestions made in the book, will achieve perfection.
Each and every topic which concern to Building Construction is been included in the book. As such the book is not only useful to fresh graduates but also practising engineers as well.
The usefulness of this book has increased due to concise and clear cut notes and instructions.
- Prof. V. R. PHADKE. M.E.(Civil). M.I.T. College of Engineering, Pune.
I strongly recommend all technical staff and others engineers to study and follow the contents of the book. "The A to Z...."in their construction activities. I am using the same for myself. The book can referred to as the encyclopaedia of Building Construction.
The book is no way less competent to any foreign book content wise or look wise. The same is definitely of International Standard, the printing and presentation is very nice. The information is accurate and upto date.
- ANIL. N. ANNACHHATRE. B.Sc., B.E.(Civil), M.I.E. ANA Constructors, Pune.
The book "The A to Z...."published by the Mantri Institute is unique maiden efforts. It has reaped the rewards of success in such a short time.
The book has covered a wide and exhaustive spectrum of the multi functional construction Industry. The stress is an actual practical application which has been gathered over the year.
The study is elaborative and the book shall go a long way as a Reference Manual for Civil Engineers, Contractors, Builders etc.
- J. P. SHROFF. B.E(Civil), M.I.E., M.B.A, LLB, F.I.V., M.I.C.I.
Special Magistrate, Post President - BAI Rotary Club, Pune.